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MIXED FEELINGS de Rafael Alvarez_EIRA_fo

Artistic Direction, Choreography, Set and Costumes Rafael Alvarez
Cocreated and performed by 

Ana Rocha, Mariana Tengner Barros, Luigi Vescio, Youngjun Shin
Lights Nuno Patinho
Photography Elisabeth Vieira Alvarez
Promotional Video Vítor Rosário
Graphic Design Paulo Guerreiro
Production BODYBUILDERS and EIRA (2016)
Coproduction Culturgest / Fundação Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Support Auditions Companhia Instável (Porto), Le Carreau du Temple (Paris)
Promotional Support Centre National de la Danse, Pôle Emploi Spectacles Artistes
Support/Residencies Pólo Cultural Gaivotas / Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Teatro do Campo Alegre / Câmara Municipal do Porto, Maison du Portugal / Cité Internationale de

Thanks to Rui Nunes, João Costa Espinho, Francisco Camacho, A Bela Associação, Paulo Sérgio Perdigão e Quinta da Estribeira



by Rafael Alvarez | BODYBUILDERS

MIXED FEELINGS wants to question the enemy's body as if there was no war, to think the distant as if there was no near, to think the different as if there were no equal, to question a body in which sadness has no end (but) happiness yes. A mixture of mismatched feelings, worlds apart, conflicts of interest and rebels with cause.

Utopias or El Dorados?

Indians and cowboys (the good ones and the bad ones), give body to a dance of mixed feelings and unclear impressions, on the edge of the cliff and partly uncertain, between the sword and the wall, in surrender and counterattack. Friends, enemies, allies, invaders, lovers and conquerors, share honors and dishonors in the rest of the warrior.

MIXED FEELINGS proposes to look at a world, this world created by us.
It seeks to think of diversity and plurality, exploring possible and impossible alternatives against the walls that rise (yesterday and today) and that persist in pushing us away and dissolving, against each other.
Is the principle of hope inversely symmetrical to the uncertainty principle?

The world is round, and does it move? From left to right? From north to south, or from south to north?
We assume that to change something we must act. We will act from the movement, beginning by changing the bodies from one side to the other, dragging with us the images that do not belong to us, persecute us. We are not certain, but we have convictions. We have no reason, but we do. We have no truth, but we do not sink into a lie.


To the west nothing new, we traveled east from paradise.

Première >

November 11 and 12, 2016

Palco Grande Auditório

Culturgest, Lisbon

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MIXED FEELINGS de Rafael Alvarez_EIRA_fo
MIXED FEELINGS de Rafael Alvarez_EIRA_fo
MIXED FEELINGS de Rafael Alvarez_EIRA_fo
MIXED FEELINGS de Rafael Alvarez_EIRA_fo
MIXED FEELINGS de Rafael Alvarez_EIRA_fo
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