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BODYBUILDERS | Rafael Alvarez is a creation, research and production structure in the field of contemporary dance on the transversality with other disciplines, focusing on the body as a creation-action thinking platform. BODYBUILDERS is based in Lisbon/Portugal and was founded by the Portuguese choreographer Rafael Alvarez focusing on the production and managing of his work based on a dynamic of partnerships and collaborations with other creators and other arts, production and programming structures in Portugal and abroad. BODYBUILDERS also invests on the intersection of Contemporary Dance with Community Dance developing regular dance training activities involving professional and non-professional dance artists, disabled and non-disabled dancers, 55plus and seniors movers, people with Parkinson’s, children and art university students. It promotes artistic and experimentation practices as a plural space of dialogue, intervention, reflection and questioning betting on an aesthetic, ethical and political dimension of the Body, as an element of transformation/interpellation of the world, agent of paradigm change and realities. BODYBUILDERS – body under construction.

Artistic direction :: Rafael Alvarez

Associated members / co-founders :: Rafael Alvarez, Elisabeth Vieira Alvarez, Carlos Marques, Rui Nunes, Elisabete Carlos, Paulo Guerreiro, António Subtil, André Soares, Filipe Remexido Ambrósio, Filipe Fonseca Costa

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